Saturday, 19 May 2012

Men, Hangovers and Excerise

Today hasn't been great, I was woken by mini me at 7am which is early for her! I was suffering with the hangover from hell (I am really too old or my body just doesn't do well with alcohol anymore) and a cold I had to drag myself out of bed even though I was feeling that I was going to throw up any minute to make mini me her breakfast.

The day progressed we went to Tesco to get something for lunch, went to my mums to eat lunch and she offered to take S for the rest of the day YAY! I thought me and DH could go home and do nothing well, so I thought, he suggested that we take the dog for a walk this walk turned out to be around 5 miles long, We got stuck in the middle of a thousand people and a band parade. Said dog was scared of the drums and was busy shaking with fear. I am glad I went on the walk even though It was last thing I wanted to do today. It made my hangover at least a little better.

We stopped for a well deserved coffee On way to my mums (the long way!) I had this converation with DH

DH "oh balls"
Me "what"
DH "I forgot I had a text from my uncle to invite us to E's communion"
Me "Please dont tell me its tomorrow?"
DH "Its tomorrow"

This conversation was at half five all the shops were closed and I don't have anything to wear!!!

Now I am in bed with this rotten cold and I'm feeling like poo!

Thirty Mummy x

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