Monday, 7 May 2012

31 day blog challenge... Day 7

Your pet hates....

This might take a while.

  1. Long queues when shopping
  2. When your umbrella turns inside out because of the wind
  3. Someone in front of you driving at below the speed limit but you can't take over
  4. People who throw rubbish on the ground when theres a bin right beside them
  5. Rude shop assistants
  6. Cold callers especially when your in the middle of dinner 
  7. Insistant Charity collectors
  8. People who play loud music from their phones on public transport
  9. People who spit in the street
  10. People without kids who park in the parent and baby spaces
  11. People who stop suddenly in front of you
  12. Text speak
I'm going to stop now in fear of sounding like a right grumpy cow :-)


  1. Agree vehemently with nearly all of those.... especially number 3! Doesn't take much to bring on the road rage!

  2. agree with all of above! i will be a grumpy cow with you ;) xxx

  3. I totally agree with all of this list! Lol.

  4. Number 8 for sure. It's normally noise - not music. Or is that just me turning into a grumpy old woman??

  5. Agree with every one of these apart form number 3. I'm usually the slow driver! Don't hate me, I'm just a nervous wreck when I drive!

  6. Great list - with you on all of them :)

  7. Fab list, i totally agree with you on all of those! xx

  8. I agree with ALL of those things, especially people who just stop right in front on you. Helloooo, GET OUT OF THE WAY! Also hate how shops change the sizes of their clothes trying to fool us into thinking we're a size smaller than we are! Grrrr. Ok I now sound like the ultimate grumpy cow! Great list Lisa. xx