Tuesday, 22 May 2012

31 day blog challenge....... Day 22

The best thing to happen this year......

Nothing major has happened so far this year a couple of little things :-

I managed to potty train Mini me at the start of the year relatively quickly , I am really enjoying no more nappies.

We had a gorgeous few days in Fermanagh, It was lovely to relax beside the lakes well, maybe relax is a strong word with a toddler in toe.

Then there was starting this blog In January I love writing and It has led me to some very lovely new friends.

The thing that I am most looking forward too this year is going on a charity road trip with my husband around Europe, its a 3000k treasure hunt in a banger we don't know where we'll be going or where we end up. Its for children's charity Dreams Come True they provide Dreams to Children across the Uk with both life threatening and long term illness. If you would like to donate you can find our Just Giving page Here we have already raised £550 but would love to get to our target of £800.

Thirty Mummy x

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