Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Desperately seeking mummy friends

I am a member of the netmums website on there is a section called Meet a mum where you can meet mums in your area.

People post I suppose what you would call a personal ad hoping that someone likes the sound of them enough to send them a reply. I have indeed posted one of these ads myself mine was not that successful (It must have been the way I worded it lol)

I have answered a few ads and have met up with a couple, some don't work out (Like the one who was 10 years younger than me, we didn't have anything in common) and one became a very good friend. Next week I'll be meeting two more mummies so we'll see how it goes.

My sister thinks it very strange that I go and met anyone from the internet, personally I think she reads way too many crime books as she thinks they are either going to kidnap me or S or murder us both. My husband is not a huge fan of me meeting up with so called  "randomers"  either.

I think it is nice that such a service exists I know as a SAHM it does get lonley sometimes and you do crave a bit of adult conversation.


  1. I love this idea.. I am fortunate to have met a girlfriend that introduced me to the local Mom club chapter in our town. all SAHM in the area that have a little network to do things together!!
    you should look for one in your area!!

  2. They're not "randomers' once you've met them. Tell him afterwards then they're just playgroup friends ;) my dh is the same, can see why they worry but I really don't see the harm in meeting another mum and baby / toddler in a playgroup, its not like meeting a random man in a back street pub at night !

  3. Good blog. You might enjoy this little poem about mothers. http://caroleschatter.blogspot.co.nz/2011/12/random-quotation-spot.html

  4. I've used netmums too, it was weird at first but we chatted for a bit and I persuaded one fellow mum to meet at a sure start group a few months back and we keep in contact and she may end up being my childminder as I have to go back to work infortunatly - Ive posted alot on that subject see me at www.littlebluefeet.com