Tuesday, 15 May 2012

31 day blog Challenge...... Day 15

Timeline of my day....

7.00am woken by my husband who had been awake since 6.

7.30am tried to get back to sleep as mini me was still in bed.

8.00am just got over to sleep when mini me appeared at our bed! S played with her IPhone while I checked emails and twitter and my husband checked his troops on Travian.

9.00am We get up, I go let the dog out, have a tidy up and make breakfast for S and coffee for me and him.

9.45am Off to pick my friend up to go to mums and tots for 2 hours of kids screaming but they do provide lovely sandwiches,warm apple pie and lots of different types of cheese.

12.00pm Drop my friend home

12.20 Do some food shopping on the way home

1.00pm Lunch for whoever is hungry either my husband  (he works from home when not away) or S I eat too many bits of cheese at mums and tots so I am rarely hungry.

1.30pm Do some more tidying and brush up/hoover dog hairs, put another wash on. Start writing my blog post for today, have a quick look at twitter.

2.30pm Drive over to my mums, the whole family gathers at my mums on a tuesday for dinner its madness, She lives in a small 3 bed house and usually has 12 to 13 people in her living room for dinner, Its hard to find a place to sit. S loves going over to play with all her cousins and having dinner with them.

5.00pm Leave S at my mums to have her dinner and drive home to get the other half (If I didn't go and get the husband she would fall asleep on the drive home and we would never get her to sleep later)

5.45pm Leave the house again for mums.

6.00pm Have a cup of coffee and a chat we then get mini me's pjs on and drive home.

7.00pm BEDTIME!!!!!!

7.30pm We don't have dinner at my mums so I'll either start to cook something or order a take away. we then usually go on our laptops or Pc's for a bit to do whatever then watch a film or an episode of a tv series, (currently watching Game of thrones, season 5 of Chuck, and Once Upon a time)

Bedtime for us varies between 11.00 to sometimes nearly 1am

Thirty Mummy x

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