Friday, 4 May 2012

31 day blog challenge..... Day 4

What are you afraid of...

Well pigeons after a big fat wood pigeon fell through our chimney on Wednesday night, it was alive and flapping all around the playroom. I'm still shuddering at the thought.  I don't mind Spiders or bugs, I'm the one in our house that has to get rid of them as my dear husband squeals like a girl, I'm sure he'll be happy that I shared that  :-)

I'm afraid of failure which is a really bad thing because it stops me doing things I want to do. Not really sure where this fear comes from.

I'm afraid of small spaces, I hate feeling squashed. The MRI I had the other month was the worst 30 minutes.

I have an Irrational fear of S getting sick what makes it worse is that the nursery every week have signs on the door telling us what Illness is doing the rounds. Today it was Chicken Pox and vomiting. My fear stems from S having a seizure last year due to her Temperature, so every time she gets sick I get stressed. I know that I can't stop her getting sick I just don't like it when she does.

I'm afraid of death or something happening to DH or S, after seeing some of your posts this morning I know I'm not alone on this one.

I'm afraid of roller coasters, at Euro Disney I went on the big thunder mountain after thinking it looked like a baby one hmmm... NO! I had a panic attack when I got off, never again.

Thirty Mummy x


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