Sunday, 13 May 2012

31 day blog challenge...... Day 13

This post is later than usual, I've been at my parents most of the day having a farewell dinner for my baby sister Rebecca (she's 18) she's off to America for 3 months (lucky cow!) we're all used to her leaving as she goes away maybe twice a year to the US, to see her Girlfriend Rachael. This will be the longest that she's ever been away! I will miss her but I do get to request things to her to bring home for me. Anyway I'm starting to ramble so on with todays challenge.....

What is your earliest memory.....

The first real memory I have isn't a nice one!

I was playing in the toy room/spare room in the house I grew up in, I had just tucked my dolls up in a little bed I had made on the floor. Off I went to find my favorite yellow blanket so I could pretend to sleep beside my dolls, there was a dying bee caught in it and it stung me :-( I still remember the pain to this day!

Smelling the flowers at 18 months

Me aged 3 and my little sister Elaine around 6 months old

Flower girl for the people who lived next door also known as Auntie Whinne and Uncle Robert even though we weren't related, I think I was 4 or 5

Me and my little Sister Elaine meeting Santa

Thirty Mummy x


  1. Oh Lisa!!!! How much do you and Sophie look alike in that last photo!!!!!!! wowsers.

    Sorry your earliest memory isn't a nice one!!