Monday, 28 May 2012

31 day blog challenge...... Day 28

Day 28 (What are you looking forward to)

This is an easy one, I am looking forward to our Charity drive with Roadhog around Europe in August with my husband, Just us two of us in a banger dressed up as something (yet undecided but the husband has suggested we dress up as Oompa Loompas, I am still to be convinced on that!) we will be traveling 3000k to unknown destinations, its been described as Europe's greatest treasure hunt, A magical Mystery Tour mixed with National Lampoons Europe Vacation and a pinch of Cannonball.

I'm sure you have heard me talk about this before, we are doing it for Dreams Come True its a children's Charity that grant wishes to Terminally ill and Seriously ill kids in the UK and Northern Ireland. We have a just giving page if anyone would like to donate to this very worthy cause can do so  here we have set a target of £800 and we are currently sitting at £550.

There are still places left if anyone would like to sign up to this amazing trip just go Here

Thirty Mummy x


  1. It sounds fantastic!! I hope you both have a wonderful time :) x

  2. That is such an amazing thing to do and for such a wonderful cause. What a fantastic experience for you both too xxx