Monday, 21 May 2012

31 day blog challenge...... Day 20

Sorry this is a day late, been suffering with a cold and couldn't be bothered doing anything yesterday!

Day 20  A difficult time in your life.....

I don't really want to elaborate on this too much, Its hard to think about it If I'm honest.

I suffered with depression from around October of 2007 to maybe May 2008. I was on quite strong anti-depressants I was seeing a Phycologist and at one point my GP was so concerned that he sent the rapid response team from the local mental hospital assess me, I had them calling me everyday for 2 weeks to check I was ok and I hadn't harmed myself. Through all my sessions with people no one ever figured out including myself why I felt the way I did. I eventually got through it and i was weaned of my medication.

I put my family especially my husband through a lot during that period of time.

I haven't suffered with it that bad since, I get the odd days like we all do where I'm feeling a bit down.

Thirty Mummy x

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  1. Oh Lisa hun!! II'm sorry to hear this but I'm glad you're doing better. Depression is hard to go through... I've been through it a few times myself and currently still am. For me it's never gone away.... just dulled and come back then dulled again.