Thursday, 17 May 2012

31 day blog challenge..... Day 17

What is your most proud moment......

It has to be bringing Sophie into the World. I had a really tough pregnancy from 6 months onwards, I had a really bad kidney infection (I actually thought I was in labour the pain was horrific) then I developed pre-eclampsia, I was hospitalised a few times usually for days because they couldn't get my blood pressure under control, They put me on tablets which weren't helping and making me really woozy and unable to do anything. At 38 weeks they decided it wasn't safe to continue with the pregnancy so a C-Section was scheduled for that week. (That consultant appointment when my name was put in the diary for 4 days later freaked my DH out that it was actually happening, That we were actually having a baby lol men!)  So here is mini me an hour or so old, I am smiling because she is safely here with us at last, and that I'm feeling strangely numb from the boobs down and doped up with dia-morphine :-)

Thirty Mummy x


  1. Definitely something to be very proud of, lovely pic :) x

  2. Lovely picture.

    I was sectioned at 36 weeks with our first baby, due to pre-eclampsia too.