Thursday, 23 February 2012

From Slummy mummy to Yummy mummy

Well that's the plan.....

I have never been a fashion conscious person, its always been if its comfortable and I can blend in then I'll wear it. I've never really been bothered about make-up either I tend only to wear it if i'm going somewhere special like on a date with the husband.

I was trundling along nicely until recently, maybe it was turning 30 or the parents and toddlers group that I go to with S, where it is just a sea of well dressed and preened yummy mummies (I always felt slummy going there) or maybe I just wanted to feel better about myself and the way I looked.

I am the lightest I have been in around 10 years. after having S the weight just seem to fall off (I'm lucky I know) I'm still not completely happy about myself yet. I'd love to lose another stone but I'm working on it. (Making bread and cup cakes probably doesn't help :-)

I am however starting to feel more confident, I have bought clothes recently that I would never have bought in the past and I have kitted myself out with face creams and make-up. Todays purchase were these gorgeous boots. I live in flats so anyone want to take bets no when I'm going to fall over and break something :-)

I have been making an effort lately even if i'm just going to the local shop (My husband thinks I have a secret lover somewhere) If anything It makes be feel better.


  1. Love the shoes !

  2. Fantastic post! Your blog is brilliant!!!! You are amazing! Have a great week!!! :-)