Thursday, 17 May 2012

Handsfree Revoultion


I came across Hands free Mama a couple of days ago while searching the internet for something else.

I read her post on How to miss a childhood  She talks about how technology distracts us so much that we end up missing things. I am guilty of some of these

Carry my phone around so much that when you happen to leave it in one room your child will come running with it proudly in hand—treating it more like a much needed breathing apparatus than a communication device.

Decide the app you’re playing is more important than throwing the ball in the yard with your kids. Even better, yell at them to leave you alone while you play your game.

Check your phone first thing in the morning … even before you kiss, hug, or greet the people in your family.

Don’t look up from your phone when your child speaks to you or just reply with an “uh huh” so she thinks you were listening.

Lose your temper with your child when he “bothers” you while you are interacting with your hand-held electronic device.

After reading it I felt sad! I am going to try and stop checking Twitter, Emails, Facebook,Pinterest so much during her waking hours.

Grasp a Childhood It requires only one thing: You must put down your phone. Whether it is for ten minutes, two hours, or an entire Saturday, beautiful human connection, memory making, and parent-child bonding can occur every single time you let go of distraction to grasp what really matters.

The beautiful, life-changing results of your “Hands Free” action can start today … right now … the moment you put down the phone.

I don't want mini me looking back and thinking every time I looked at my mum she had her phone attached to her hand and she ignored me because her phone and laptop were more important than playing or talking to me.

Thirty Mummy x


  1. Oh we are all so guilty of this - thanks for the must log off! xx

  2. So true, with social media overload these days it's so easy to lose focus of what is important!