Thursday, 29 March 2012

Things I would never have done.....

Things I would never imagined I do before I had S 

  • Reading the same book over and over again every night of the week
  • Being really really excited when your child gives you a squished up page with a wonky drawing on it
  • Cleaning up poo and sick that wasn't mine
  • Singing, dancing and pretending to be some sort of animal in public
  • Having a serious conversation about snot and poo
  • Actively encouraging someone to spit chewed up food into my hand
  • Being woken at 7am and thinking its a lie in
  • Consider food shopping ALONE to be a real treat
  • Having a handbag full of stuff, none of which belongs to me
  • Referring to people as a character like "Fireman Sam" a fireman, "Pat" Postman etc
  • Sharing a toilet with more or more people
  • Calling my partner Daddy   

I'm sure there are plenty more, what are yours?


  1. Love it, I most definitely can join you on pretty much all of them! lol.
    Also, walking down the road doing animal noises when you see a cat/dog/bird etc.
    Making up silly songs and singing them very loudly.
    Think being out past 10-11 o'clock in the evening is a 'night out'.
    I'm sure there are loads more, but can't think of them now! lol. x

  2. Haha this is so true!! I have hundreds like too!! xxxx