Thursday, 15 March 2012


After watching the Wright stuff on channel 5 this morning I am outraged at the comments made about stay at home mums. It seems some people think that stay at home mums are wasting their time being at home to look after their children. That women shouldn't be offered university places because they will have kids, come out of employment and therefore waste their degree and therefore shouldn't be educated!!!!

I do not hoover and wipe bums all day and I certainly don't think I am wasting my time. How can anybody judge what a stay at home mum does we don't have a job description do we?  I can't think of a more valuable way a person could spend their time by educating and bringing up their children, and what an important contribution to society they are making by bringing up well rounded and happy children who will be the next generation of tax payers.

As a friend said Education never goes to waste, It enriches the soul and broadens the mind, and it makes you a better teacher to your children.

For me I am still undecided about having another child. If I don't have another one I will be going back to work in 2014 when S starts primary School. I won't be going back to the career I had before S I will be getting an education to learn a new set of skills. For now I am happy being a stay at home mum.


  1. Well said Lisa. I didn't see the Wright Stuff (I don't get to watch 'normal' tv anymore! lol), but that person has a very outdated view of women! It sounds like they belong back in the Victorian ages! x

  2. Me either Jackie lol but there's only too much peppa pig and curious George one person can take

  3. Hi Lisa! I saw your comment on my blog. I have been blogging for over 3 years now and I feel like no one ever reads it. When I saw that a fellow mom in Ireland joined my blog I was stoked!! After reading a few of your posts I think you are very funny and I realize that we have tons in common. I have never been to Ireland, but have always dreamed of going someday.

    I completely agree with your post about women getting an education. An education is NEVER wasted, whether you go to work or stay at home with your kids. I went to college before I had kids and I work as a Board Certified Pediatric Nurse. I love my job and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I am fortunate in that I have a job where I can work full time, but only go to work 3 days a week (I work 12 hour shifts). I also have never had to put my children in day care.

    I consider myself a part-time stay at home mom, since I am home 4 days a week with my kids. My husband currently goes to college for his second bachelor's degree. He only has class twice a week so he is home with them when I go to work. I feel like they benefit from dual parenting. They are equally attached to both of us.

    I am super excited to have a new buddy from another country. I look forward to following your blog. Mine is a tad bit behind (I write a post on every week of our lives) but I will get it caught up soon! :)