Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A little about me...

I know theres that bit to the left that tells you a tiny bit about me but thought I write a post to tell you a little more.

My name is Lisa I am 30 hence the name of the blog :-) I live in Belfast with my husband and my gorgeous 2 year old daughter. I am a SAHM which 99.9% of the time I love.

I am a bit of a geek and would love to go to Comic Con (My husband being a geek himself thinks that this makes me sad!!!)

I love to make things, I have several hundred tutorials in my pinterest account I have still to work my way through.

 I love to bake mainly sweet things and bread ( theres something very therapeutic about kneading bread by hand)

I love reading, since getting my kindle for my 30th my husband thinks I should get rid of my 'real' books, I can't I still love going to our local bookshops I could spend all day there if I could.

I have recently discovered a love for writing which is why I started this blog. I didn't actually think anyone would read it but you do and seem to like it. I have had some lovely comments from a few of you in the last week this really makes me smile. I hope to find more time to write now that our sick household is starting to feel better.


  1. Hiya Lisa. I hope you don't mind me following you but I noticed we had a little bit in common :)
    I am Louise, I'm 27 and mummy to 8 year old Stacey. I also love to bake! Great blog you have here. Speak soon xx


  2. Thanks for your lovely comments and I love getting new followers :-)

  3. Hey lovely lady, I too am a 30 year old mummy soon to be 31 EEEEK. Am new to blogging and enjoying reading your blog. I am a bit stuck setting up my template and finding nice headers, etc. Where did you get you 'Thirty Mummy' design from? I need help! x