Monday, 19 March 2012

Mothers day

Just a short post until I get more time later.

I had a wonderful mothers days and I got spoilt a little too much. Here's what S bought me with a little help from my wonderful husband.

The Cartier book we all thought was a book on creative writing, It was wrapped in cellophane and had nothing on the back. When I did open it yesterday it turned out to be a book on the history of pens :-) we did have a good laugh about that. 

Heres the scarves I treated myself to, I love them.

Hope you all had a lovely mothers day.

L x

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  1. Happy mothers day.
    I had a lovely teddy and card which I posted about yesterday on my blog I spend most of the day just me and little man so like any other really but the hubby did cook for me when he got home from work.