Thursday, 1 March 2012

How happy are we...

According to the office of national statistics 7.6 out of 10 is the official rating for how happy we are.

People who live In Northern Ireland are the most happy and content scoring 0.2 more than the rest of the UK.

Married people are the most satisfied with their lives.

People with 2 children feel their lives are most worthwhile.

Women are happier than men.

All very interesting but.... They asked questions on the survey relating to the the day they filled in the questionare surely its not really accurate research as some people could have been having an off day. I really don't see how we can measure happiness anyway.

According to all this I should be the happiest person ever as I am married, live in Northern Ireland have a child and of course I'm a woman.

So what do you think, can we measure happiness?


  1. Hi Lisa, it's Shay (from yummy mummies) :D
    Hm, I think happiness is one of those difficult things to measure. Everyone has a different view on what it means and, like you said, they may have been having an especially good or bad day when they answered the questionnaire. It's a strange one, I would label 'happy' as feeling stable and content on the whole but I'm sure others would have a completely different view to me. So basically no, I don't think we can measure happiness as there is no one definition...does that all make sense?! haha x

  2. HI Shay, Thanks for commenting, Yes you do make sense :-) I don't really think you can measure happiness at all. I found their research interesting though.