Thursday, 2 February 2012

Should children be free to roam and explore as they wish?

I am sitting catching up on the world. I've lost a couple of days helping a friend out, buts that's another post.

I came across an article in the I newspaper. It got me thinking are we too overprotective of our kids these days? Do we "cotton-wool" wrap them as the government suggests we do.

A report published by a children's charity say, that 1 in 5 children never play outside. A third have never climbed a tree or built a den and 1 in 10 children can't ride a bike.

I think I am more for letting S do things that my husband wouldn't like when we go to soft play he would tend to follow her around and would definitely not allow her down a slide on her own like i would. I think even though she's only two and a half she should be given a little bit of freedom from all overprotectiveness if she falls she falls it's all part of growing up.

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