Saturday, 18 February 2012

The day from hell.. Well maybe not that bad

Yesterday was not a good day. It all started at 11.30pm on the Thursday night when S woke up not feeling great so cue a night of not much sleep.

Sleep deprived (there was me thinking, that was a thing of the past) I threw clothes on me and S and took her to the doctors (little did I know I'd be paying another visit to the doctors later that afternoon) I had the usual reply from the doctor she has a virus.  We got antibiotics and headed home to make a bed on the Sofa.

As the day went on she got worse she refused to take her medicine and if we did manage to get some in she throw it up 2 minutes later.  Another trip to the doctors as she wasn't keeping anything down.  The Doctor give her banana tasting one hoping that might make her want to take it, hmmm No!   We then tried bribery she may be 2 but she wasn't falling for it at all.  Someone give me a tip to make her think she was a big girl and let her take it herself, Well it worked.

I got absolutely no housework done at all yesterday as she wouldn't let me leave her the place still looks like a tip.   Elsewhere in the house My husband was trying to get ready for his business trip. All in all it was a very stressful day!

Today though S seems a lot better she's currently doing laps of the room on her scooter. Lets hope today is a better one.

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