Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The pain of Potty training......

I have been dreading this for months.

Last week S has started asking to use the potty. So off we went potty shopping. She became obsessed with one in the shape of a car so that was it potty chosen.

Theres a picture of said Potty

When we got home I just let her run around in her t-shirt with no nappy on expecting lots of accidents.

To my amazement there were none all day every-time she needed to go she went to the bathroom to use her potty, she didn't really want/need me with her. When she'd finished she call me up to have a look. If she did something she got a sticker for her reward chart.  I had to abandon the stickers as my child pees a lot!  there wasn't room on the chart for 20 stickers a day :-)

We are now on Day 7 we have had a total of 3 accidents I am so proud of her. We went out yesterday for most of the day that was the first time we had ventured out for so long. Everything went well I would ask her every 15 minutes if she needed to go.

I do think we have a long time to go yet, shes still not dry at night and refuses to poo in the potty at all.

It has been a bit stressful but nowhere near as stressful as I thought it would. Thankfully.

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