Friday, 10 February 2012

Social Media

I have accounts at Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest (my current Addiction), Many forums and of course my blog here at blogger.  I have an Iphone which my husband would say is always stuck to my hand, It is far to easy to become addicted to checking in with Facebook, Twitter etc.

If I chose to I could spend all day spending time messing around in my online life. Is Social Media a hobby that can be put aside or more?

I often wonder how we kept in touch with our Real-life friends before Facebook. We now read their status updates and click like. Is Facebook a poor substitute for Friendship?

I often find it strange that people like to tweet about things so personal as Relationship break-ups, Live births and even deaths. Then theres the ones who post that they've just been sick or my personal favourite only 10 more sleeps to my holiday etc. Are we all attention seekers? Do we really need to tell the world everything?

My family like to say that my life is on Facebook, I can assure you its not, yes I post photos and status updates but I would never post anything really personal.

I have made some real-life and virtual friends through Facebook and Net-mums, but sometimes I feel like I am wasting any spare "me time" facebooking and chatting to friends. I feel the need to restrain myself a bit and take a step back If even a little from the Social media bubble.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean! I've NEVER posted 'X amount of sleeps till my holiday' ... it's like inviting someone to rob you haha. I have runs on social media sites. At the minute I tweet a lot but don't really use facebook, last year was the opposite and the year before that was probably equal. I lost touch with a lot of friends when I had Stacey as I was young and my friends spent most nights out on the town. Facebook is a good way to keep up with people. But I do sometimes feel I should be out visiting friends rather than chatting to them online :)