Friday, 3 February 2012

Sickness oh sickness

S goes to nursery on a Friday 9 to 2. They always have signs on the door Informing us of any sickness doing the rounds.

Today it is chicken pox and Scarlett fever (my husband thinks it sounds somewhat medieval)

I know that I can't keep S away from sickness but, it does make me feel guilty as its our choice to send her to nursery at all. Like I say she only goes one day a week so maybe that's lowers her chances of catching too much? I am being naive to think that? Maybe.

I really don't like her getting sick. I don't think any parent does. I think my fear stems from her having a seizure last year caused by a high temp, it was probably the most scariest thing to happen. This makes me completely stress our anytime S has a temp. I am one of those paranoid parents because of it. Calpol at the ready at the first sign of a temp.

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